Hi! My name is Monica Russell, the founder and managing editor of AcquiredCoffee.com. I am a longtime coffee enthusiast – passionate about both the science of making a great cup, and geeking out over all the gear and accessories that come along with this hobby.

In 2019, I decided to turn my love of coffee into an online project and founded what would ultimately become AcquiredCoffee.com. 

I have hand-picked a team of coffee experts and enthusiasts to share their passion for coffee and unique perspectives with fellow coffee lovers around the world. We are particularly passionate about specialty coffee and interesting brewing methods, but we are not snobs about it! We aim to provide high quality information about coffee for both beginners and connoisseurs. For example, you’ll find brewing guides on everything from pulling espresso shots, to using a vacuum coffee maker, as well as manual pour over brewing. We hope to spark your enthusiasm and joy for coffee!

When I’m not busy running the website, you can find me experimenting with unique brewing methods, like using a chemex or a siphon.

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