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Isabelle Mani SanMax is a writer and digital content specialist with expertise in coffee-market-related topics. She has also contributed to PerfectDailyGrind. Loves coffee negronis and coffee festivals.

brown vs white coffee filters

Brown Vs White Coffee Filters Explained: The Bleached And Unbleached

Amongst the variety of machines and methods for making filtered coffee, there is also a vast range of models, sizes, and options of paper filters. Apart from specifications regarding formats (flat bottom or conical strainers, for Chemex or Aeropress, or more), there is also the criterion regarding color and chemical processing. Why are there paper ...

Colombia’s Cafe Tinto: a Cultural Symbol

Tinto coffee is the most popular coffee beverage in Colombia, where coffee is a famous export and a cultural symbol. Whenever someone asks for a cafe Tinto in Colombia, it means they are ordering a strong and dark black coffee with added sugar. Tinto is a staple drink in the country, and its preparation is ...