How to Brew French Press Coffee

Few coffee brewing methods are as established as the French press is. Although a basic brewing method, the press offers a combination of simplicity and quality that have made it a favorite of many for more than 90 years. Whether you’re new to the brewing method or are looking to further hone a long-practiced skill, here’s what to know about a French press and how to brew excellent coffee with one.

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Uniterra Nomad Manual Espresso Maker

The Uniterra Nomad is an unorthodox espresso machine in almost every aspect. Some may be put off by the design and shot- pulling process, but I’ve come to deeply appreciate the machine’s innovations.

An Espresso Machine Built by a Medical Device Manufacturer

The Uniterra Nomad ($295) is unlike any other espresso machine largely because it’s not designed by a coffee industry insider. Uniterra is actually a medical device manufacturer, and the company was able to approach the project without preconceived notions of how an espresso machine should look and operate. The result is a machine that has an obviously different form factor, and several unique innovations on the inside.

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Caffe Macchiato

The cafe macchiato is one of the first Italian espresso beverages. Although it’s somewhat fallen out of favor today, the drink is well worth trying if you like strong espresso with just a dash of milk. Here’s a look at the traditional macchiato to the modern one — and how Starbucks has confused almost everyone.

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Cappuccino Coffee

The cappuccino is unsurpassed in its recognition and considered a standard staple of cafe menus. Despite the beverage’s prevalence and perceived consistency, though, there’s a surprising amount of variation in what exactly a cappuccino is. From 19th Century Vienna coffee houses to today’s third-wave cafes, here’s a guide to the cappuccino’s history and what exactly one is.

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Gimme Coffee – Dame Dabaye Natural Review

Coffee Origin: Dame Dabaye, Guji, Ethiopia Roaster Location: Ithaca, New YorkRoast Level: Medium-LightInfo: Guji, Ethiopia is known for growing exotic coffees, and the natural processing of Ethiopia Dmae Dabaye Natural lets the region’s terroir shine. Gimme Coffee further ensures that the coffee’s inherent traits show up in the final brew, by using a medium-light …

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Ristretto Coffee

Espresso occupies a defined place within the diverse and complex world of coffee, but even within this comparatively small space there is still great diversity. The standard shot of espresso is just one way to drink this concentrated coffee. One of the most popular other ways to enjoy espresso is as a ristretto shot of coffee.

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Lungo Coffee

Although espresso has a narrow place within the coffee world, narrowness shouldn’t be confused for uniform. There are multiple ways to pull an espresso shot, with the standard shot merely being the most common. One other alternative is the lungo.

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Driftaway Coffee – Tanzania Mbozi Iyenga Review

Coffee Origin: Mbozi, Tanzania
Roaster Location: Queens, New York
Roast Level: Medium-Light
Info: Driftaway Coffee

Tanzania Mbozi Iyenga exemplifies the clean flavors of a washed coffee. The award-winning Iyenga AMCOS cooperative has skillfully washed coffee despite the region’s drought-prone dry season, and Driftaway Coffee has used a light-medium roast that lets the coffee’s washed characteristics shine.

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Coffee and Food Pairing Ideas

Coffee is delicious on its own, but it can often taste even better when paired with the right food. A good pairing can bring out aspects of the coffee that otherwise are understated, and it’ll also highlight desirable flavors in the food. The result is a richer combination of flavors that results in greater enjoyment.

If you aren’t confident in pairing coffee with food, here’s how to go about finding successful pairings and several suggestions to get you started. Hopefully, both the common and the less conventional pairings mentioned below will open up another world of coffee for you.

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