Camber Coffee – Ethiopia Dambi Uddo Review

Coffee Origin: Dambi Uddo, Ethiopia
Roaster Location: Bellingham, Washington
Roast Level: Medium-Light

Form one of the world’s original coffee-growing regions, Ethiopia Dambi Uddo is a testament to what nature can produce. Camber Coffee has expertly roasted this selection, downplaying the roast characteristics so that the terroir — or the beans’ inherent characteristics — shine forth.

Unlike most naturally processed coffees, which have a reputation for being unrefined, Ethiopia Dambi Uddo would be well- suited for serving in even the most distinguished restaurants, coffee houses and kitchens. If it weren’t for Camber printing “natural” (meaning unwashed) on the bag, the coffee’s near-perfect balance and clean finish could easily be mistaken for the traits of a washed coffee.

Because the coffee is so balanced and clean, its crisp notes clearly shine forth. Aromas of citrus and berries arise from the cup after brewing, and vibrant flavors of lemon, strawberry and cherry dance on the palate from the first sip to the last. There’s almost no need to cleanse the palate after finishing, for only the faintest hint of coffee lingers on the tongue.

The characteristics of this coffee make it appealing to those who are more accustomed to the polished traits of washed selections, and people who prefer natural coffees might actually be disappointed with how well-poised it is. There simply aren’t any of the exotic or over-emphasized characteristics that give natural coffees their cult-like following among select drinkers.

While a coffee of this quality will taste good no matter how it’s brewed, methods that use a paper filter are ideal for this Ethiopian. A drip, pour-over or Aeropress that uses a paper filter will remove the fines (fine grounds) that can get into a cup and muddy the flavor, allowing the coffee to show its best inherent qualities.

Aroma: Citrus, Berry
Taste: Lemon, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Apple
Body: Medium-Light
Finish: Clean
Rating: 8/10
Recommendation: Although a natural processed coffee, this will appeal to those who like a balanced, clean and often washed selection. Try it as an introduction to natural processing, and experience just how good these can be.