Chemex vs. French Press

Two of the most straightforward ways to brew coffee are the Chemex and the French press. Both make high-quality coffees that please many people. However, the coffees created are quite different from each other. Which is right for you? Let’s see. Overview Both coffee makers look a bit like glass jugs. A frame surrounds the …

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Lever Espresso Machine vs Pump Espresso

Espresso uniquely uses pressure during brewing. While all espresso machines generate pressure, there are a few different ways that they can do so. Lever espresso machines and pump espresso machines use different methods to generate pressure. We’ll explain the differences so that you can decide which kind of espresso maker will be best for you. …

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Best Coffee Beans for Chemex

The best coffee beans for Chemex are your favorite beans. Chemex makes all coffee beautiful. If you do not yet have a favorite bean, here are some you should try out. These beans are specifically selected to work with a Chemex’s strengths.

Chemex brings out the best flavors from single origin beans, honoring their distinct differences. By trying a variety of single origin coffees, you can tour the world from your own kitchen. Each will be distinct and different in flavor and presentation.

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Japanese Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Filters

Reusable ceramic pour over coffee makers have been around in Japan for some time, about 30 years. The first ceramic coffee cone was made by Kyuemon in 1986 but since there were no exports, they remained a bit of a secret.

With an increasing interest in sustainability, and the availability of these filters now beyond Japan, they are experiencing a renewed popularity.

The idea is that a ceramic coffee filter that is made once and reused many times will save the need for the manufacturing and use of paper filters.

But do they make good coffee while living up to their sustainable reputation?

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How Does a Lever Espresso Machine Work?

Lever espresso machines allow you to literally “pull” shots, just as baristas did during the early- and mid-1900s. No other way of making espresso is more hands-on.

A manual machine is not for everyone. If you just want convenience, a different kind of espresso maker would be better. But if you want to get hands-on with your espresso making, if you want to learn and enjoy the nuances, a lever machine may be right for you. We’ll explain what a lever espresso machine is, the two distinct types – manual lever and spring, as well as suggest some specific models to take a look at.

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Hario Switch vs. Clever Dripper

In this article I’ll examine the similarities and differences between two popular immersion coffee drippers: the Hario Switch and the Clever Dripper. Both are similar devices and make similarly good cups of coffee. We’ll get into the details to help you make your decision.

Overall, I feel that the Hario Switch will be preferred by more experienced coffee aficionados, while the Clever Dripper is better suited for beginners. But both will give you satisfying results.

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Cafec Flower Dripper vs Hario V60

You can make great pour-over coffee at home with a wee bit of experience and a good coffee dripper. Both the Hario V60 and the Cafec Flower Dripper are excellent choices for a home dripper, but they aren’t exactly the same. Let’s discuss the differences and which of these two is better for you.

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Siphon Coffee vs. Pour Over

Siphons and pour overs are two of the most elegant slow coffee-brewing methods, and both are capable of brewing delicious coffee once you master the technique. Each has a place in the home barista’s kitchen (or dining room). When you have to choose between one or the other, however, here are some of the differences that might make you prefer either one.

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