Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

The Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Electric Kettle affords some of the greatest control over heating water, but it’s debatable whether such control is needed for brewing coffee. I’d purchase the kettle again based on my 2 years of ownership — but for tea and not coffee.

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Uniterra Nomad Manual Espresso Maker

The Uniterra Nomad is an unorthodox espresso machine in almost every aspect. Some may be put off by the design and shot- pulling process, but I’ve come to deeply appreciate the machine’s innovations.

An Espresso Machine Built by a Medical Device Manufacturer

The Uniterra Nomad ($295) is unlike any other espresso machine largely because it’s not designed by a coffee industry insider. Uniterra is actually a medical device manufacturer, and the company was able to approach the project without preconceived notions of how an espresso machine should look and operate. The result is a machine that has an obviously different form factor, and several unique innovations on the inside.

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Guide to Kyoto-Style Slow Drip Coffee

Kyoto-style slow drip is one of the most artistic ways to brew coffee, and it produces one of the best brews when executed properly. If you’d like to begin making coffee this way at home, here’s a complete guide to Kyoto-style slow drip coffee — including how you can make it.

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How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home

Roasting coffee adds another dimension to your understanding of and enjoyment of the beloved beverage. It’s easy to get started, and you don’t need to invest in a lot of expensive equipment. With some green coffee beans and a basic setup, you can begin roasting coffee at home.

As soon as you brew your first batch of roasted coffee, you’ll immediately notice the difference that fresh roasting makes. Beans that were roasted just a few days ago are much more aromatic, flavorful and lively than those that were roasted months or years ago (like those that you might buy at the store). Even if you don’t get the first batch absolutely perfect, you’ll pick up on finer notes that aren’t present in stale coffee and you won’t want to go back to the old stuff.

From sourcing green coffee beans and selecting a roaster to actually roasting that first batch, here’s how to roast coffee beans at home.

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The Best Way to Make Coffee While Traveling

When I sold off most of my things and moved abroad, there was one collection of things that I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of: my coffee set up.

Over the years, I had built a small arsenal of different coffee equipment in my kitchen (much to my girlfriend’s dismay). As I was getting ready to fit my life into 2 backpacks and move abroad for the foreseeable future, I knew good coffee wasn’t something I could leave behind completely. I had to put together a travel set up that was consistent, reliable, and didn’t take up too much space in my bag. 

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The Bonavita Immersion Dripper: The Most Underrated Manual Brewer

The awesome thing about manual coffee brewers is that there are so many great options out there and everyone’s got a favorite. But once you get past the staples like a French press and pour over cone, it’s hard to know which brewer should be next on your list.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your coffee setup, let me help you narrow it down by introducing the Bonavita Immersion Dripper.

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Guide to Japanese-style Coffee Makers

There are so many coffee makers out there. So, if you’re like us, and you want to stay informed of all the latest coffee paraphernalia, it might seem like a tall order. After all, it seems like near-on each week there’s a shiny, new, and seriously cool piece of kit on offer.

This is especially true for those of us who consider ourselves to be ‘very serious’ and ‘grown-up’ about our coffee drinking habits! Needless to say, you’ll want a machine that does justice to those delicious beans and looks the business on your kitchen worktop. 

Luckily for you, here in this guide, we’re going to look at three different Japanese-style coffee makers, and let you decide which of these best suit your coffee-making needs. 

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5 Fundamentals to Start Making Great Coffee at Home

One of the most daunting things about deciding to explore making better coffee at home is the cost. After all, most people, whether they realize it or not, think of coffee in terms of convenience first, taste second. Which drive-thru is closest? Will getting a Keurig save me more time or convenience in the morning compared to my coffee pot?

So naturally, when people begin searching for ways to make coffee at home, they’re overcome with sticker shock. Often, they’ll end up sticking with what they’ve always done.

It’s true that coffee, just like any hobby or endeavor, does come with some upfront investment. But in order to see a substantial increase, you really don’t need to break the bank and you definitely don’t always need the latest and greatest gear.

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4 of the Best Balancing Siphon Coffee Makers

2 glass cups of black coffee

Last update: June, 2022

So, you love getting your morning brew from the coffee shop down the road, and now you want to replicate that gorgeous taste at home? If that sounds like you, you’re probably unsure which brewing method to opt for.

Well, if you want to enjoy a rich, delicious cup of Joe, nothing beats a balancing siphon coffee maker.

Yes, these require more effort than an electric machine or the french press, but once you’ve got to grips with it, you’ll be able to blend your favorite coffee beans like the pros do, all within the comfort of your own home.

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