Guide to Japanese-style Coffee Makers

Some of our favorite coffee makers are from Japan. In this guide we’ll cover the best of them in a few categories: manual pour-overs, cold brew slow drip makers, siphon coffee makers, and ceramic pour over coffee makers. 

None of these devices are designed to be quick caffeine hits. But they each will bring out unique qualities in your brew and provide a thoughtful brewing experience.

They combine beautiful aesthetics with a hands-on brewing methods that allow you to deepen your knowledge and love of coffee.

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5 Fundamentals to Start Making Great Coffee at Home

One of the most daunting things about deciding to explore making better coffee at home is the cost. After all, most people, whether they realize it or not, think of coffee in terms of convenience first, taste second. Which drive-thru is closest? Will getting a Keurig save me more time or convenience in the morning compared to my coffee pot?

So naturally, when people begin searching for ways to make coffee at home, they’re overcome with sticker shock. Often, they’ll end up sticking with what they’ve always done.

It’s true that coffee, just like any hobby or endeavor, does come with some upfront investment. But in order to see a substantial increase, you really don’t need to break the bank and you definitely don’t always need the latest and greatest gear.

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4 of the Best Balancing Siphon Coffee Makers

Last update: June, 2023

Brewing coffee with a Belgian-style balancing siphon is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous ways to make coffee. But, compared to other brewers like pour overs and French presses, they require an investment of both time and money. So you want to make sure you’re spending your money on the right coffee maker.

We still recommend either of the Diguo or Nispira models presented below. They are the most reputable and reliable available. In our opinion, this is not a product where you go for a budget option. If you’re looking for a coffee maker under $150, go for a different kind, not a Belgian balancing siphon.

In this guide you’ll find out why we like these models, and we’ll also explain the differences between the Belgian style coffee maker and a traditional siphon coffee maker, and how the balancing siphon actually works.

Yes, these require more effort than an electric machine or the french press, but once you’ve got to grips with it, making coffee with one of these becomes a meditative, relaxing process with a great cup to reward your efforts.

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The 4 Best Electric Siphon Coffee Makers

best electric siphon coffee makers

Becoming a home barista isn’t rocket science. It’s easy to make delicious coffee in your own kitchen. You just need a reliable machine that looks and feels the part.

Siphon coffee makers offer serious coffee drinkers a fabulous coffee-making experience. It’s not just about taste, but about watching something beautiful and intense being created. True coffee geeks say that the several-hundred-year-old siphon brewing method is the best invented- and they’re right.

So, your perfect cup starts with making that crucial decision: do I buy an electric siphon or its stovetop version?

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Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder

retro coffee grinder

Made by the same Japanese company that manufactures the famous V60 brewer, the Hario Skerton is one of the most recognizable and popular hand grinders out there. Thanks to a quality build and an attractive price tag, the Skerton has long been touted as a solid entry-level grinder that won’t break the bank.

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Hario TCA-5 Technica Coffee Siphon

Review of the Hario Technica 5 Coffee Syphon

The Hario TCA-5 Siphon Coffee Brewer, much like many of Hario’s products, is an extraordinarily unique piece of coffee equipment perfectly suited for the specialty coffee enthusiast who wishes to branch out beyond the world of french press and pour over brewing. 

The Siphon is the product of an elegant intersection between basic chemistry and Hario’s world-renowned, high quality glass construction. The result is an easy-to-use system that consistently brews a delicious, full-bodied cup of coffee.  If you are interested in diversifying your coffee brewing equipment to get the most out of your coffee, the TCA-5 is both a top-notch brewing apparatus and a unique conversation piece perfect for sharing coffee with a friend.

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Chemex vs. Hario V60: Which is Better?

Chemex vs V60 showdown

Every day, more people are turning to hand-poured coffee for their morning cup. Coffee shops are still as popular as ever and most of us can’t resist a proper latte or espresso, but recently people are starting to seek that same level of quality and consistency from their coffee at home (or work).

For most people, the bulky counter top coffee maker is no longer cutting it. Pour over brewers are becoming kitchen staples and an essential part of many morning routines. Even though pour over brewers are nothing new – the first Melitta filter was created in 1908 – a renewed interest in the craft has produced some standout favorites. Today, we are going to put two of the premier pour over brewers, the Chemex and the Hario V60, through a head to head showdown.

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Hario V60 Pour Over – Coffee Dripper Review

Hario v 60 review

Over the last few years, pour over coffee has exploded in popularity. Now pour over drippers are found in coffee shops, on kitchen countertops, and even in backpacks to be taken camping.

Of all the new brewers seeing their popularity increase during this movement, one seems to consistently be standing out from the rest: the Hario V60.

The Hario V60 is a cone shaped pour over brewer with spiral ribbed walls and a large hole at the bottom, where the filter slightly protrudes from. The ribs along the brewer walls are designed to allow for airflow between them and to keep the grounds away from the walls, leading to a more balanced extraction.

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Siphon Coffee Makers: 5 Things To Consider And 5 Recommended Brewers

siphon coffee brewers and makers

There’s something romantic and fascinating about using siphon coffee makers. The devices themselves are works of art, the brewing process seems like magic, and the resulting coffee is smooth, juicy, and aromatic.

It’s no wonder why siphons are often considered the apex of making black coffee.

But choosing the right coffee siphon for use at home can be a challenge. There are quite a few models out there, each with their own shapes, sizes, and quirks. But you don’t need to worry—we’ve put together a list of the five things you need to consider when buying a siphon, as well as five actual brewers we recommend to make things even simpler.

And just FYI, in this post you’ll find links to the products on Amazon. I do get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Let’s hop in!

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The 3 Best Siphon Coffee Makers for Around $100

A siphon coffee maker (also known as a vacuum coffee maker) is a unique brewing method that uses vapor pressure and a strong vacuum to produce some of the freshest coffee available. Truly seen as a work of art, the siphon coffee making process is as much about the visual and tactical appeal as the end result. Here we will discuss the three best vacuum coffee makers available for about $100 and how to tell which one is right for you.

And just FYI, in this post you’ll find links to the products on Amazon. I do get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

The 3 Best Siphon Coffee Makers Around $100

Below we selected three of the top coffee maker models that are available for around $100. We will highlight the best features of each one to help you decide which model will best suit your needs.

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