How and Why to Bloom your Coffee

5 home coffee brewing errors

Blooming your coffee allows carbon dioxide to be released from the beans which will give you a better flavor and better extraction. It’s a step that should not be skipped in your brewing process!

Brewing freshly roasted coffee grounds creates a frothy head much like a beer’s. Whereas the head is desirable in beer and enhances flavor, the head that develops during coffee brewing interferes with extraction and negatively affects flavor.

To best brew fresh coffee, the head should first be dissipated via blooming.

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Kona Coffee Flavor Profile

Kona coffees are known for being sweet and complex, rich and mellow. It lacks any sharpness of taste. At a medium roast, these taste qualities are highlighted. However, that’s just the start and every Kona coffee tastes a little bit different.

Kona coffee is unique among coffees. It is only grown on a small part of the Big Island of Hawaii: the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai. These hillsides have fresh volcanic soil and are situated in near-perfect conditions for growing coffee.

Coffee farms have become tourist destinations. Most people only experience Kona coffee when they visit the island state, perhaps bringing a bag of happy coffee memories home with them.

You can buy Kona coffee online and in some coffee stores, but the price is very high.

Is Kona coffee worth it? Yes, I think so. Let’s take a look at what makes this coffee expensive, but special.

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Brazilian vs Colombian Coffee

If you are looking to expand your knowledge on coffee flavor profiles and the nuances of coffees from Brazil and Colombia, this guide is for you. For each, we’ll look at the growing conditions and industry, the flavor profiles, and brewing methods. Finally we’ll show you how to brew coffee the Brazilian way.

You have probably already tasted both Brazilian and Colombian coffee. Their coffees are famous and widely available the world over.

Brazil is the world’s largest producer at 1/3 of the world’s coffee supply, and is famous for its dark coffees with rich flavors. For that reason, a lot of Brazilian beans are used for espresso.

Colombian coffee growers have long focused on the U.S. as their major market. Colombia is the third largest grower of coffee beans and is famous for bright, fruity, and floral flavors in its coffee.

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Espresso 101: Beginner’s Guide to Espresso

Espresso is perhaps the most vibrant way to enjoy coffee. The use of pressure during brewing brings out aromas and flavors that other brew methods can’t produce, and espresso’s strength makes it suitable for many different drinks.

It can be a bit daunting to know how to get started – there’s a lot of equipment involvement, not to mention the mechanics of pulling a shot.

But if you’re interested in learning more about the nitty-gritty of espresso grinds, here’s the Espresso 101 guide that you need – we’ll cover what espresso is, how to make it, and how it’s used.

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The History of Siphon Coffee

Siphon coffee is enjoying a resurgence among cafes and home baristas that enjoy the performance of brewing. The brew method is hardly new, however. Where Does Siphon Coffee Come From? Siphon coffee was originally invented in the 1800s, as people were looking for an alternative to boiling coffee. Espresso (~1901), pour-over (~1908), French press (~1929) …

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Magic Coffee

Magic Coffee From Melbourne: Sweet Espresso and Smooth Milk

Australian coffee culture has become a significant influence on specialty coffee, and Melbourne is at the heart of Australia’s influence. One of the most notable creations that originated from Melbourne but now can be found many places is magic coffee.

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Ultimate Guide To The Benefits Of Coffee

Ultimate Guide To The Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee can be used for things other than waking you up – here are some other ways that coffee can improve your life

We hear a lot of negative things about coffee – people are getting addicted to coffee, millennials are wasting their money on it, and even that it’s not as good for us as we originally thought. We’re fed up with hearing it all – especially when not all of it is true.

Today we wanted to share some of the benefits that come from drinking coffee. Despite what some people would have you believe, there are many, many positive changes that coffee can make in your life.

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Red Eye, Black Eye and Dead Eye Coffee

Sometimes brewed coffee simply isn’t enough on its own. When you need an extra jolt of caffeine, the red eye, black eye and dead eye coffees offer varying degrees of what you’re looking for.

They are all combinations of brewed coffee with added shots of espresso.

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Siphon Coffee

The art, the craft & the flavor

Siphon coffee is among the most artistic and most scientific ways to brew, and it happens to make great-tasting coffee too. For those who love the visual appeal of a Chemex or French press, siphon brewing is also worth exploring.

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