Driftaway Coffee – Tanzania Mbozi Iyenga Review

Coffee Origin: Mbozi, Tanzania
Roaster Location: Queens, New York
Roast Level: Medium-Light
Info: Driftaway Coffee

Tanzania Mbozi Iyenga exemplifies the clean flavors of a washed coffee. The award-winning Iyenga AMCOS cooperative has skillfully washed coffee despite the region’s drought-prone dry season, and Driftaway Coffee has used a light-medium roast that lets the coffee’s washed characteristics shine.

Washed coffees remove the pulp of the coffee cherry early on during processing, which ensures the flavors of the coffee beans are crisp and uniform. In this particular selection, flavors of apricot, peach, brown sugar and toffee follow aromas of sweet stone fruit. The notes don’t linger on the tongue after drinking, but instead quickly dissipate into a clean finish.

By using a light roast, Driftaway Coffee maintained a bright flavor profile that highlights those crisp flavors. The acidity perfectly pairs with the coffee beans’ natural notes, and there aren’t any heavy roast characteristics to overpower even the most delicate of those flavors.

Tanzania Mbozi Iyenga will appeal to anyone who prefers a lighter roast and doesn’t use cream in their coffee. The cream would only coat over some of those bright flavors. Sugar, however, is a suitable addition as it’d complement the toffee-like sweetness nicely.

A bright and clean coffee like this will do well in any drip brewing process. Automatic drip coffee makers will brew a good cup, and manual pour-overs will really showcase the coffee’s best characteristics. Also try brewing as iced coffee for a refreshing glass on one of the season’s warmer days.

Aroma: Sweet, Stone fruit, Tangerine
Taste: Brown sugar, Apricot, Peach, Tangerine
Body: Medium-Light
Finish: Clean
Rating: 7/10
Recommendation: An exemplary washed Tanzanian coffee, Tanzania Mbozi Iyenga is worth trying if you like bright, sweet and fruity coffees. Pour it over ice for a special treat on a hot day.

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