Gimme Coffee – Dame Dabaye Natural Review

Coffee Origin: Dame Dabaye, Guji, Ethiopia
Roaster Location: Ithaca, New York
Roast Level: Medium-Light

Guji, Ethiopia is known for growing exotic coffees, and the natural processing of Ethiopia Dmae Dabaye Natural lets the region’s terroir shine. Gimme Coffee further ensures that the coffee’s inherent traits show up in the final brew, by using a medium-light roast that brings out those natural flavors.

Natural — or unwashed — processing leaves the coffee cherry on the bean (pit) as the bean dries. While this results in sacrificing uniformity and cleanness, it creates the possibility for unusual flavor combinations that aren’t commonly found in more common washed selections.

In Ethiopia Dame Dabaye Natural, general aromas of fruit and lime give way to specific flavors of strawberry and key lime. You can almost imagine sitting on the Florida coast, enjoying a strawberry daiquiri and slice of key lime pie with each sip. As the coffee cools, these more delicate flavors give way to a buttercream frosting sweetness that’d be perfect for covering a strawberry cake with.

Gimme Coffee has made sure that this unusual strawberry-lime flavor combination is evident in the final brew. The roaster has used a medium-light profile that draws out just the slightest sweetness, without overpowering the delicate fruity tones by introducing stronger roasted notes.

Natural processed selections aren’t everyone’s cup of coffee, but this is a versatile one that many will like. Fans of unwashed coffees will appreciate the unique strawberry-lime combination that’s only found in coffees from a few regions of the world. Those who are more accustomed to washed coffees can be introduced to natural processing via this selection, as it is one of the cleaner and more tame options that comes from East Africa.

While a coffee this good will taste great no matter how well it’s brewed, the selection is especially well-suited for manual pour-overs. The brew method will draw out the more delicate flavors yet minimize any lingering aftertaste, which would be more noticeable with a brew method that permits fines to enter the cup (e.g. a French press).

Also try this selection as iced coffee, as the fruity sweetness will cool nicely and really is the perfect version for drinking on a hot Florida day. Agave nectar would be the perfect sweetener if it’s available, as the coffee already has notes of agave but not so much brown sugar.

Aroma: Fruity, Lime, Sweet
Taste: Strawberry, Key lime pie, Buttercream frosting, Agave nectar
Body: Medium
Finish: Lingers
Rating: 8.5/10

Recommendation: As refined as an exotic natural processed coffee can be, Ethiopia Dame Dabay Natural will be loved by aficionados of unwashed coffees yet can also be served to those who prefer cleaner, washed selections.