Topeca Coffee Roasters – Haiti Savan Zombi Review

Coffee Origin: Savan Zombi, Haiti
Roaster Location: Tula, Oklahoma
Roast Level: Medium-Light

Topeca Coffee Roasters’ Haiti Savan Zombi is the pinnacle of mediocrity — and that’s a good thing. When you don’t need a stand-out but also don’t want a failure, this coffee is a safe bet.

The notes in Haiti Savan Zombi aren’t anything that’ll win the coffee awards (or even make it one of Topeca’s best-sellers). With mellow woody, nutty and sweet flavors, though, the coffee has a profile that’ll hold wide appeal. The cashew, almond and brown sugar notes will evoke reminisces ranging from roasted nuts to baked sugar cookies, depending on one’s preferred fresh-made treat.

The closest comparison for Haiti Savan Zombi is likely diner coffee, but without any of the bitterness that a diner’s stale brew is known for. Even an initial tasting that was forgotten and long oversteeped didn’t produce any bitter flavors from over- extraction. The coffee simply has a well-liked, if basic, profile, and is virtually impossible to make taste bad.

As a basic-profile coffee, this selection is well-suited for the most basic of brewing methods. Brew via an automatic drip or manual pour-over, and you’ll have a fine cup.

The mediocre are often overlooked, but it’s in Haiti Savan Zombi’s commonness that perfection lies. This is a perfect daily brew and a perfect coffee to share at a gathering. While you and others may not notice any especially unique notes, everyone will enjoy it. If you do need a conversation starter, simply mention the coffee’s Haitian origins and ask if anyone’s ever had a coffee from Haiti before.

Aroma: Woody, Earthy, Spring in a forest
Taste: Mellow, Woody, Cashew, Almond, Brown sugar
Body: Medium
Finish: Clean
Rating: 6/10

Recommendation: Perfectly mediocre, as there’s little noteworthy but the coffee is also nearly impossible to mess up. Definitely worth a try if you simply want a good cup o’ joe.